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Hi, welcome to the Zenpath: Habit & Task Coach testing family

Identify the core values of who you want to be and complete tasks and habits that help you become that person. Stop getting things done! Start getting the things that matter done first and change your life. We combined a to-do list, habit tracker into a self care app. You can track your productivity, personal growth, create healthy morning routines and find self care ideas. If you have self determination enjoy journaling and taking 30 day challenges this is the app for you. Creating simple habits such as being grateful each morning can help create a happier life. Putting first things first is at the heart of building a better life. Tracking progress of your goals, habits and tasks is key to a good accountability app. Develop different areas of your life prioritizing tasks and habits that strengthen each role's values. Track your satisfaction of how much you focus on each value to help guide what task you should do next. If you want to do more, be productive, track progress or are thinking about getting a life coach consider this app. It’s like a personal life coach in your pocket! Balance priorities in different areas of your life such as career, family, personal growth, friends, wealth, fun and recreation... Find the zen between different areas of life and be happier. Become the amazing, beautiful, remarkable you one task at a time. Gain clarity on your core values and connect them to what you do. Features: - Prioritize what to do next across the different areas of your life - Identify your core values - Get smart suggestions on what habits and tasks to do next - Group tasks and habits by role such as partner, mother, teacher - Track how much effort you spend in each role each week - Track which core values you made the most impact in each week - Create goals - Set weekly goals - Set due dates - Pick from a large selection of habits - Activity tracker - Habit tracker - To-Do list We help rank your to-do's for a better life Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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